After considering Wordpress, Octopress, Jekyll and a custom website made with Ruby On Rails, I decided to go forward with Jekyll. It seemed like the fastest and simplest way to go.

Now only thing left to do is to post some real posts. It would be sad in a predictable way if this was the only post for a long time in this blog. Maybe markdown itself can provide a topic for me to write.

I haven’t used markdown a lot, only a bit in Github. It seems fun for now, but I wonder if wysiwyg editor of Wordpress would save me some time. There are some markdown editors like Whiskey and Typed popping up here. If they end up becoming useful, maybe I won’t miss Wordpress at all. Whiskey is not out yet though, and I haven’t tried Typed yet. Atom should be enough for me to get used to markdown.

In the mean time, maybe I’ll look into customizing the UI of the blog. It is nice but a bit too plain. Doesn’t feel very lived in but I guess this is ideal for a default theme.