I finally found the opportunity to learn and use Swift. When Swift came out, I wasn’t receptive to the idea of combining Objective-C and Swift in my ongoing projects; it felt messy and risky. The fact that including Swift Runtime Library increased the size of the app was another cause of concern. The most I did with Swift, was a pet project that I eventually discarded.

Swift seems to have matured well since then. Swift 2.0 (and 1.2) introduced plenty of improvements. Cocoapods and Carthage (Which I have tried yet) both support Swift. I wish Xcode was better at code completion and errors for Swift but it used to be much worse and I am sure things will continue to improve.

Working with a relatively new language also offer opportunities to do more open-source stuff (Not that Objective-C didn’t offer any). I haven’t contributed much yet, despite making use of many open-source repos. Hopefully soon I will be able to rectify that.