An advice I hear from time to time is to eat the frog . Basically the advice is to start your work day by tackling the hardest task you have. Benefit #1 is that you’ll avoid those situations where you keep putting of the hard tasks over and over again. Benefit #2 since you’ve put your hardest task behind, rest of the day goes much smoother.

This hasn’t worked for me at all.

What works for me is to get into the “work” mood as early as possible. When the hardest task is the first in the list, I tend to drag my feet. I like building a momentum with a few easier tasks before I swallow the frog whole.

Maybe if I didn’t work from home most of the time, I wouldn’t have to worry about sliding into a “work” mood. At home it is very easy to read one more post or check one more thread. So I do what I have to do; respect my path of least resistance.

I don’t think eating the frog is bad advice at all. I just need to warm up a bit before I do.