It’s been a long while since I last made a blog post. About 4 months. It’s due to a mixture of busy schedule & plain & simple procrastination.

I was hoping that it would become something I would feel compelled to do but so far I had to push myself to make posts. I’ll try to make it a hobby instead of a chore so going forward I am thinking of writing in more of the cuff style.

So what have I been doing in that 4 months has been making more apps and pushing updates on existing ones. I’ve grown more adept at Swift & Unity. One of those apps is my first mobile game which I am planing on making a couple of posts about.

I’ve been neglecting learning web development so the whole “Building” stuff is kinda on hold. I am working on a new game right now, hopefully after making more headway on that, I’ll be back at tinkering with the website.

I also made a few wallpapers but I guess these also merit their own posts. You know what, thats exactly what I’ll do right now.