After further explorations I decided to stick with Unity. So far it has its ups and downs.

Unity is built for developing games so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise how competent it is at it. It has solid set of features for handling cases that (I am guessing) often comes ups while developing games. For example the animator component and its associated panels seemed daunting at first, but it gives you a lot of good options for setting up character animations. I don’t know when I will need to use those options, but it fills me confidence in tackling that kind of challenges in the futures. Unity has been around since 2005 so I guess that’s 11 years of development for you.

I am not accessing Unity-related information as fast and reliably as I like though. A lot of information and tutorials is in Video; I am used to skimming through text to get the piece of information I need and figure out the rest by experimenting. Video tutorials feel so long to get through.

This probably very natural; Unity is very visually-oriented in the first place. It caters to a wider variety of people from a wider variety of backgrounds. I guess for many people who wants to learn how develop video games, Unity is the first place.

That is fine & dandy but I still haven’t found the right community and sources to learn and get updates on Unity. For iOS, iOS Dev Weekly has been instrumental in learning the best practices, resources & tools. I hope to find something similar for Unity but maybe I should just adapt to this very different platform.